About Me

Garden services and grounds maintenance

               throughout the year.           

I have been providing professional garden maintenance for 24 years in the Dorking area and I believe in offering a high standard of service in a friendly environment. It is important to me to keep my gardening business to a small one man band size so that my customers will never need to worry about reliability, and also I know the job will be done properly and a good level of trust can build up.

 I like to help out in the local community, so I advertise in the local parish pages, this means I take quite a lot of repeat business as word of mouth travels, and therefore I feel it is very important to provide the highest level of attention to detail in your garden at all times.

Most of the gardens I look after are privately owned but I also look after communal grounds and one or two office gardens. I also have facilities in place to be able to remove all garden wastage. Some gardeners rely on filling your compost heaps/bins to overflowing and this can become a problem if the compost is not being managed correctly. If space for your garden hedge clippings, lawn cuttings, weeds and leaves etc is limited and your compost is filling fast, I can remove it for you, which will then be recycled where possible.

I use the latest professional lawn mowers and garden maintenance machinery available, which are regularly serviced and maintained locally so that my customers are not only receiving the highest standard from the gardener but also the cleanest cut hedge and the neatest cut lawn possible from the equipment used.

I am always happy to provide any references upon request, and to answer any questions that you may have.

Please feel free to click the email link on the contacts page or give me a call.