Turf fertilizer/weed control

Lawn treatments from as little as £19.99 or your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. Put life back into your lawn as many nutrients are lost during the winter months.
Regular treatment through the season for a beautiful lush weed free lawn or one off applications to give your grass a much needed nutrient lift.
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SR 2000                                        
  • Liquid or granular weed control and fertiliser specifically chosen to directly target and destroy those lawn weeds in your lawn fast
  • Tailored for your type of lawn requirements
  • lush green thick weed free sward
  • Poly-S technology lawn fertilizer designed for specific growth stages so nutrients are released at the optimum rate according to the grass plants requirements
  • Faster start
  • Longer lasting effect
  • Even growth throughout 
  • Stronger root growth to discourage new weeds
  • Thicker denser lawn for better moisture control during long hot summers
Total weed and moss blitz for your lawn. 
Follow up with 'spring burst' 'summer boost' and 'winter strong' applications for a beautiful weed free lawn throughout the seasons.


 And many many more weeds blasted away!
     White Clover

Spring burst application. Ideal first control released fertiliser application of the season, selected for quick reaction in cooler conditions. Encourages healthy balanced growth at the start of the season. high magnesium for enhanced colour and trace elements to enhance turf health.

Summer boost application. Balanced NK fertiliser with high potassium with added magnesium and iron to improve symptoms of stress while keeping a good turf colour during summer months.

Winter strong application. The best preparation for winter, applied in autumn this fertiliser will produce a healthy green sward during winter due to nitrogen release in conditions favourable to turf grass growth. The grass plant is more resistant to extremes in temperature. High magnesium for enhanced colour during winter months.

Advantages of Poly-S technology.
  • Nutrient release follows plant demand
  • Sulphur coating adds nutrient value
  • Good initial release of nutrients for first growth stage
  • Release mechanism based on microbial degradation not temperature
  • Relatively temperature independent release 
  • Proven technology with over 30 years of research and commercial application